Best friend, Soulmate, and the Love of My Life (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1 : Singing in the Rain

Kate was on her way home from her studio when it’s raining. She didn’t bring an umbrella, but she didn’t mind. Kate loves rain, so she decided to keep walking in the rain. She always got this happy-weird-but-good mood when it’s raining.

Her mind wandered to her high school year. She used to dance in the rain with her favorite friend. Emily. It’s been five years since they were together, Kate’s going to New York to pursue her dream to become a professional dancer, while Emily’s going to law school and stays in Ohio.

She remembers how they used to leave their car at school and chose to walk in the rain. It’s one of her favorite romantic things she got to do with Emily. Even with the fact that Emily doesn’t like rain. She hates being soaked wet and cold, but it’s Kate and she just can’t say no to her. Yes, she’s whipped.

“Come on Em! Come and get me,” Kate ran to the sidewalk while Emily’s trying to chase her.

“Kate, wait up. It’s raining. I don’t want to catch a cold and not being able to go to school tomorrow.”

“Don’t be such a baby, Em. Come on! The last person arrives at my house has to give a whole night sweet lady kisses,” Kate said playfully but she really means it. She knows that she has long legs, so she will beat her easily.

“Fine by me,” Emily sighed and try to put on her angry face but failed immediately as she smiled at her goofy friend.

As she arrived at Kate’s house, Kate’s already waiting for her at the door.

“Loser walk,” Kate teased her.

“Loser talk.”

“What? I beat you. I got here first Em,” Kate said with a pout on her face.

“You’re the one who’s gonna lose if you mock me, Kate. Don’t be mean, or I won’t give you sweet lady kisses.”

“Anything for you, my queen,” and she took Emily’s hand like a real gentleman.

“We got to change first before I give you swe…” Kate didn’t let Emily finish her sentence, she put Emily on her shoulder and take her inside her house and they both couldn’t help to laugh.

She smiled at the memory and she realized how she really misses her. ‘Gosh I’m freezing,’ she talks to herself. She then decided to stop at her favorite coffee shop to get a cup of coffee and just enjoying the weather.

She ordered latte macchiato, non-fat milk, whipped cream, “It’ll be ready in a moment. Please have a seat,” the waiter said to her and she replied with a smile and say, “Thank you.”

She took her usual spot at the coffee shop, by the window. She loves that spot because she can watch people walk, laugh, interact with the other, she just loves watching people –in none creepy way of course.

A few minutes later, a waitresses come and put her coffee on the table. The waitresses look at her for a moment, she closed her eyes and open it again, not believing at what she saw.

“Kate?” the waitresses said to her.

“Yes?” Kate looked up at the person who called her, her eyes went wide and she had a smile on her face while she looked at her.


(Gita, @citsatig)

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